Lebensträume: Machs halt!
Reisen - Abenteuer - Emotionen

Dreams of Life

What a beautiful day here on the beach. I take a look at the sea. On the rough surface the sun's rays jump around like dancing points of light. It's strangely bizarre. The sun is strong, I can feel it on my head, face and arms. The black T-shirt absorbs the heat and transfers it directly to the upper body. It feels comfortable, very comfortable. The fine sand has also heated up and alternating with the cooler water in the puddles, my feet get a pleasant tingling sensation. Nature is kind to me when the tide recedes into the sea and leaves a bit of water for me. Barefoot on the beach - a beautiful, very emotional experience. All this goes straight into my heart, I feel pure happiness.

The entire width of the beach is mine on this glorious late summer day. Other people can only be guessed at in outlines in the distance. At the end of September there is not much going on in this area.

I'm in Saint-Lunaire, a small town on the north coast of Brittany. As so often during these walks, I get to think and dream. I see this villa on the cliffs with a direct sea view. Yes, that's exactly what I had been dreaming of. As a young person, just started with university and ready to buy the world. I wanted to make a career and have a lot of money, be able to afford everything. Another villa, cars, a ship. Yes, that's great, I´ll do that and then I'll be happy. That's what I thought back then. But then suddenly I had the idea of hitchhiking across the USA for half a year. This idea just appeared out of nothing. At this moment, I didn't know that this would be the decisive turning point in my life. Because after returning I somehow lost touch, I was infected. The aspired sales manager career for this big German automobile group in South America became what was then the first and only motorcycle courier service in Germany. Not the only escapade of my life. And the basis for my desired wealth was gone too. Especially since I had nothing to inherit and no people who would make me rich through their work.

So now I walk barefoot on the beautiful beach and wait for the sunset. Cookie is sometimes next to me, sometimes she goes on a discovery tour and I reflect on my life. That went so completely differently than I dreamed of in younger ages. I still don't have any villas, nor do I have expensive cars or a ship, and I've never been to South America. But I'm here, living in the biggest apartment in the world, enjoying these moments with myself, with Cookie, with the environment. I'm excited and looking forward to what's to come. I feel incredibly free and I appreciate that.

My children, who are the most precious thing in this world for me, live their way. I was allowed to accompany my parents during the dying phase. My friends and my social surroundings like me and I like them.
Then there are these warm, loving people I meet along the way. What an enrichment in my so varied life. Some new friendships have emerged from this. People I can rely on and they can rely on me. Is there anything more valuable in life than that?
I'm rich, incredibly rich. Different than I dreamed of as a young man, but rich in things that have real value for me.

Yes, I'm living the dream of my life.